Episode 6 – John Petch and OMD

In this episode I speak with North West artist, John Petch about his artistic collaboration with OMD for the sleeve of their album entitled ‘The Punishment of Luxury’. I met with John at dot.art gallery in Liverpool city centre, just as his exhibition was coming to a close and we talked about the works on show and more specifically the pieces commissioned by OMD’s Andy McCluskey.

John’s work is in the tradition of classic op art and works perfectly in the context of an electronic album whose themes explore the future as well as the past. OMD continue to release music that is relevant today, so I would recommend you take a listen to the full album if you like the clips in this podcast.

To find out more about John’s work, visit his website at: www.johnpetch.com

The dot.art gallery in Liverpool also has a website: www.dot-art.co.uk

And finally, check out OMD at: www.omd.uk.com

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