Our creative director, Andrew Dineley, writes about design for Classic Pop magazine and these podcasts are supplements to his regular Pop Art features. Learn about the design of famous record covers by the people that created them, enjoy the music, subscribe to the podcast for the occasional bit of pop gossip and become a member of the Facebook group to join in the conversation.

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Episode 23 – Andie Airfix / Satori

ABOVE: Samples from the Andie Airfix/Satori portfolio along with a 16 year old me, wearing a Thompson Twins t-shirt featuring one of his classic logo designs. Graphic designer, painter and sleeve arti...

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Episode 22 – worst record covers

This episode of the podcast is a bit different… Instead of our usual, reverent look back at examples of the best in record sleeve creativity, we dig into its darkest and often unexplored corners...

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Episode 21 – Form

Hello and best wishes for the festive season. My gift to you is a brand new episode of the ‘Art on your sleeve’ podcast. In this episode I speak with Paula Benson and Paul West from Form. ...

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Episode 20 – Andy McCluskey / OMD

We are back, Back, BACK! A new season of the podcast is finally here, after an extended hiatus caused by a combination of grim things, too dispiriting to elaborate upon here. In this episode, I speak ...

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Art on your sleeve

Episode 19 – David Storey

In this episode of Art on your sleeve, I speak with painter and former graphic designer, David Storey. David’s career designing record sleeves began in the 1970s when he landed a job straight ou...

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Episode 18 – International Podcast Day 2021

This episode of Art on your sleeve is another slight diversion from the usual format and was put together specifically to mark International Podcast Day which falls on 30 September every year. It i...

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