Our creative director, Andrew Dineley, writes about design for Classic Pop magazine and these podcasts are supplements to his regular Pop Art features. Learn about the design of famous record covers by the people that created them, enjoy the music, subscribe to the podcast for the occasional bit of pop gossip and become a member of the Facebook group to join in the conversation.

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Being Boring – Pet Shop Boys

Being Boring, a single by Pet Shop Boys is 30 years old today. This is one of my favourite songs by one of my favourite pop groups and as such, I felt I needed to mark the occasion. What better way th...

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Episode 13 – Peter Coyle and The Lotus Eaters

In this episode I speak with Peter Coyle, formerly of The Lotus Eaters about the design work behind his music. When The Lotus Eaters made the top 20 in 1983 with their debut single, The first picture...

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Episode 12 – Bob Linney

This episode is an audio supplement to a six-page Pop Art feature I wrote for Classic Pop magazine, issue 13, published October/November 2014. This issue of the magazine is now out of print but it is ...

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Episode 11 – Calling America

Several podcasts were scheduled for Summer 2020 with some significant record sleeve designers, some I’ve previously written about and some may feature in future pop articles for Classic Pop maga...

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Episode 10 – The Cloth

This episode is an audio supplement to Classic Pop magazine, issue 4, published May/June 2013. In this podcast I interview artist, Fraser Taylor, who was part of a design collective called The Cloth (...

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Episode 9 – Pete Barrett

This episode is an audio supplement to Classic Pop magazine, issue 53, published on 31 May 2019. It features my 35th Pop Art feature, this time with graphic designer, Pete Barrett....

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