Our creative director, Andrew Dineley, has a regular feature in a glossy magazine called Classic Pop, the podcasts below are a supplement to the magazine features. Learn about the design of famous record covers by the people that created them, enjoy the music and subscribe to the podcast for the occasional bit of pop gossip.

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Episode 6 – John Petch and OMD

In this episode I speak with North West artist, John Petch about his artistic collaboration with OMD for the sleeve of their album entitled 'The Punishment of Luxury'. I met with John at dot.art galle...

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Episode 5 – ‘The Innocents’ by Erasure

This is a slightly different episode of Art on your sleeve because it isn't solely about design and it isn't my usual interview format. For a while, I've been subscribed to a really informative show e...

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Episode 4 – Rob O’Connor/Stylorouge

Rob O’Connor’s Stylorouge creative studio can arguably boast the largest pop portfolio of clients I’ve ever tackled for my regular Pop Art feature in Classic Pop magazine. From Meatloaf to Morri...

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Episode 3 – Huw Feather

I'm not exactly fulfilling my promise to get a podcast out every month, am I? Oh well... quality rather than quantity eh? This episode is all about the design work of Huw Feather, a very nice chap wh...

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Episode 2 – Laurence Stevens

Finally, episode 2 is up and running. This was a joy and a massive pain to complete... A joy because Laurence Stevens was an absolute delight to talk to - a total pop fan and enthusiast who is still i...

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Episode 1 – Introduction

I'm back Back BACK! as Smash Hits would have once declared. It's been a while since I podcasted, but the time is right and I've got something worth sharing. You may be aware that I write about design ...

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