Episode 16 – Eurovision Song Contest

I’m back, Back, BACK! A new season of Art on your sleeve is upon us as we all gradually emerge from hibernation and remember what life was like before Zoom.

This episode is a slight diversion from the usual format, but all is explained in the show introduction. I am joined by Eddie De Souza and Lucy Percy to dissect design for songs that have represented various countries in the Eurovision Song Contest. We are all fans of the annual contest and during the discussion we veer around the subject as we talk about some of our favourite sleeve designs which are below.

  1. Ooh ah… just a little bit by Gina G – UK / 1996 
  2.  Love City Groove by Love City Groove – UK / 1995
  3. Icebreaker by Agnete – Norway / 2016
  4. Lonely Symphony by Frances Ruffelle – UK /1994
  5. Storm by SuRie – UK / 2018
  6. City Lights by Blanche – Belgium / 2017
  7. Say It Again by Precious – UK / 1999
  8. The Worrying Kind – Sweden / 2007
  9. Occidentali’s Karma – Francesco Gabbani – Italy 2017  


You can find out more information about The Eurovision Song contest at the official website –  eurovision.tv and Lucy Percy is a regular contributor to wiwibloggs.com a fan site dedicated to the contest. I hope you enjoy this episode, if you do, please subscribe at Apple Podcasts HERE and if you’re very nice, you could give us some stars or a positive review. Art on your sleeve is also available on several other popular platforms including Spotify,  Soundcloud and Google Podcasts.

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