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Episode 12 – Bob Linney

Bob Linney’s Coin Street Community Builders poster and record sleeves by The Beloved.

This episode is an audio supplement to a six-page Pop Art feature I wrote for Classic Pop magazine, issue 13, published October/November 2014. This issue of the magazine is now out of print but it is available to purchase in digital format from:

In the podcast I interview artist and designer, Bob Linney about his record sleeve artwork for The Beloved. Along the way we also touch on other sleeves that he has worked on and discover how he ended up forging a long time creative relationship with Jon Marsh and The Beloved.

The interview was recorded over Zoom during the COVID-19 lockdown period with Bob and I in our respective studios in East Anglia and Liverpool. Apologies for the variable recording quality. The podcast also coincides with the re-release of Happiness, an album by The Beloved, and the release of a limited edition range of screen prints that Bob made available in June 2020. These are referenced in the interview.

The prints are available to order directly from Bob Linney’s online store at:

You can see more from his extensive portfolio at:

Fans of The Beloved may like to join the official Facebook group for news and information about future re-releases.

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