Anthony Wong Jewellery

Artisan jewellery maker – Anthony Wong, has an established business in Liverpool’s Bluecoat Craft Centre where he creates a wide range of beautiful and unique pieces. Many years ago, I went to Anthony to have my own wedding ring designed and it was by complete coincidence that nearly a decade later I was able to return the creative favour.
A corporate identity was required that could be used across a wide range of media for trade fairs, general promotion and online business. I devised a series of characters using loops and hook-like shapes that referenced the elements he regularly uses. These bespoke characters were then refined and used as a font, forming a simple yet effective logotype for the business.


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“Because Andrew took the time to listen and understand our practice, he was able to convey ideas thoughtfully, intelligently and with great empathy. Andrew not only excels as a graphic designer and as an artist, but he is also humorous, kind and an absolute pleasure to work with, and the end result exceeded our expectations. And Ruby, don’t even get me started on Ruby the beagle…”

Angela Coleman
Business Director

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