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With so many fonts to choose from, one often forgets about the simplest of them all – your own. We all have our own unique font, and just like our fingerprints, it’s unique. It’s also perfect for many jobs. Before the design industry became computerised and while I was studying design in the 1980s, I used my handwriting for a lot of design work. This continued when I was employed as a graphic designer and the only alternative was transfer lettering, Letraset etc. My first major public health campaign for HIV/AIDS awareness was all written by hand and can be seen in a previous blog entry.

January 23 is National Handwriting Day which I’ve read was initiated by the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association to remind us of the importance and power of handwriting and probably to get us to buy more pens too! The date refers to the birthday of John Hancock in 1737 – he was the first to sign the United States Declaration of Independence. To celebrate this event, those nice people at yourfonts.com are promoting the day and offering you the chance to digitise your own handwriting for about $10 which is a snip!

I digitised my handwriting a while ago and called it ‘Dinabet’. Recently I used it on a job for the NHS which you can see in the above¬†picture for this blog entry. As a nice little new year gift, I have been given a free token. If you want to convert your handwriting for free, drop me a line and I will share it with one lucky person. Write on!

  • Harry

    Great post Andrew! I love a nice pen, nice toothy stationary, and a nice font too.

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