100 in Liverpool

NOTICE (from the official promotional material)

100 is a new book by Bill Drummond
It has a sole print run of 1,000 copies
Once they have been sold, there will be no other physical edition of the book

These 1,000 books also form a sculpture
The sculpture is entitled ONE THOUSAND BOOKS #1

For the month of July 2012 ONE THOUSAND BOOKS #1
will be exhibited in News From Nowhere, Liverpool

For the month of July, 2012 News From Nowhere, Liverpool
was the only bookshop in the world where 100 was available for sale

Once all copies of 100 have been sold
the sculpture will exist in the thoughts and deeds
of the people who read the book

I like this concept, I like Bill Drummond. I like his outlook on life and whilst I don’t always enjoy what he does, it makes me take notice and he has a sensibility and outlook on life that’s rare and pleasingly confrontational. I think he’s often described as something of an enfant terrible, with his antics being lauded and decried in equal measure. This latest book project is a lovely example of still having something to say and saying it in a way that makes a difference. The impact is of course low key but to those that hear it, it resounds loudly. Less is more. I’m glad I got a copy of the book and I’m glad I was part of the art/experiment.

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