Episode 5 – ‘The Innocents’ by Erasure

This is a slightly different episode of Art on your sleeve because it isn’t solely about design and it isn’t my usual interview format.

For a while, I’ve been subscribed to a really informative show titled The Permanent Record Podcast, hosted and created by Brian and Sarah Linnen. It regularly features insightful analyses of record releases from the same period that I focus on with my Pop Art interviews for Classic Pop magazine.

If you like what I write about, I’m certain you’ll enjoy what they do and it was great to be asked to co-host an episode with them. We spoke for nearly six hours about Erasure’s seminal album, The Innocents, released in 1988. Our conversation was then split up into three separate episodes of about 90 minutes and the version here is my edit which is just over an hour long to focus more on the creative and design aspects of the album and its associated single releases.

Thank you to Paul Khera, the sleeve’s designer/photographer for agreeing to an interview about his creative work on the album. Find out what Paul is up to now by following him on Instagram @thekera

If you would like to hear this episode in its unedited form, check out the three episodes of The Permanent Record Podcast at Apple Podcasts, Spotify and other podcast platforms, or follow the fun on Facebook and Twitter. Website: permanentrecordpodcast.com otherwise, my mini version is below for your listening pleasure.

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