Logo a-go-go!

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog, I feel bad. It’s been a busy few months personally and professionally with Christmas, year end deadlines and the hideous tax return which is always the last nail in the coffin for any festive overspill of joy.

My idea with this blog was that it should fill in the gaps, allowing me to shine a light on smaller pieces of work or areas of interest that didn’t quite fit into my main website and online portfolio. The reality, however is that I usually end up getting so bogged down with the day to day delivery of design and creative commitments that I rarely get around to actually doing what I should.

There’s always design work going on of varying proportions. Some takes days, weeks or even months, and others can be turned around in a day. Recently, I’ve been working on quite a few logo/brand identities which I particularly enjoy. It’s great working with clients, distilling their wishes, ideas and ideals into something useable that makes them smile every time they see it in use. A few examples of new logo design can be seen above for John Scotland, my co-collaborator with film work, Catherine Reynolds’ ‘The Space In-between‘ photography studio, Joe Standerline’s life coaching and ELK makeup artists.

All of these designs are the end result of numerous iterations, coming from a genuinely collaborative dialogue between myself and the respective client. If they’re happy – I’m happy 🙂

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  • February 5, 2013
  • Joe

    I’m happy. Very happy. Clean, immediate and stylish. Just like you x

  • Catherine Reynolds

    Andrew has the gift of putting pazazz into branding. I’m delighted with the ingenuity and directness of my brand The SpaceIn-Between. Andrew has managed to capture visually what I can only put into words and most of those are multi-syllabic! He has a rare ability to make real that of’t quoted axiom of design, ‘less is more’. Just fabulous darling xx

  • Laura

    Nice, Andrew. Especially love the one for John. The color scheme makes it pop!

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