Sometimes no words are right


It’s always hard when people you know die. It’s never easy, and even when their passing is remembered as a celebration of what’s been achieved, it always cuts me up. There are never words to adequately encapsulate what’s being felt. The hardest deaths are the ones that come from out of the blue, instantly and when you least expect.

A couple of days ago my nephew, Thomas Browne was killed instantly in a road traffic accident at just 19 years of age. I’m still coming to terms with what’s happened and am clueless as to how I can really support my family who are understandably grief stricken. No words can fix it and ‘being there’ feels insignificant. I’m a fixer by nature, I like to sort, arrange, plan, list and structure things so that I can make them work the best they can. Did I become a designer because I am like this by nature or am I like this because of my profession? Either way, it’s broken. There is no keystroke, email, call or piece of code I can use to convert a horrible situation into something pleasant. I am, as are those around me – lost, for words, a meaning, a solution…

Liverpool Echo


  • Harry

    This is a very moving piece Andrew. You are right, there are no words, but just being there for your family means a lot.

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