Episode 3 – Huw Feather

I’m not exactly fulfilling my promise to get a podcast out every month, am I? Oh well… quality rather than quantity eh?

This episode is all about the design work of Huw Feather, a very nice chap who is now a lecturer at Nottingham Trent University. In the early-1980s, way before Huw began working in academia, he was the man responsible for almost every Soft Cell record sleeve, as well as many more for the solo career of Marc Almond. He grew up with Marc in Southport so it was nice to meet him back in his hometown.

We met in a lovely little hotel cocktail bar called The Vincent and spent a couple of hours looking back over the designs Huw worked on for Soft Cell and Marc. It was fascinating to hear the stories behind their creation and a lot of the information had to be edited out of the print article due to word count restrictions. The audio was originally recorded for the Pop Art feature that appeared in issue 17 of Classic Pop magazine which is available to purchase as a download at THIS LINK.

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