The old and the new

In 1993 someone suggested The Landmark Trust’s historic holiday properties to me, time out in the countryside with no TV and only the sounds of nature and my friends for company, a lovely idea. I did this and became hooked. I love living in a city and couldn’t live without my technology and the things that being in a city provides. Equally, I can’t imagine not having such wonderful places to escape to. I try to head off at least twice a year to a Landmark Trust or Vivat Trust property with select friends for some fun and time away from work.

Over ten years ago I set up a very basic website to archive these trips and many people have come across it. I’ve received dozens of messages from fellow travellers. Social media makes it increasingly easy to find people and connect with those that have similar interests, so it occurred to me that I could do more to nurture these connections. Last week I dusted down the creaky old website, gave it a facelift, used some hashtags on Twitter and created a Facebook group to alert the world.

Clients often say “we need to be on Twitter and Facebook” without really thinking about if it will really add anything meaningful. This is an example of how social media can be used as a genuinely useful tool. Happily I can report that within a few days, complete strangers were posting pictures and sharing stories and opinions of places I am yet to even visit. Here’s to plenty more historic holiday breaks and a burgeoning Facebook group…


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