iPaid. It’s a hard habit to break

Being an Apple addict isn’t a cheap habit but it’s one I’ve given up trying to beat. Quitting biting my nails was much easier…

So, there’s a new iPad and it’s called just that – ‘The New iPad’. Bit strange really, as they still sell the iPad 2 which is now inferior to iPad ‘The New’ and costs less which just doesn’t make sense. I can see that numbering things is silly and Apple don’t do it with desktops/laptops so really there’s no reason to do it with phones and tablets but I think the time to quit numbering things was back with iPad 2 so maybe it was Steve Jobs who had a thing for numbers?

Anyway, this is all irrelevant. I now have a coveted iPad ‘The New’ and I didn’t sleep on the doorstep of the Apple Store to get it early on day one of release, I simply ordered it online. A much more satisfying way of shopping I find, especially when it’s a little ‘crisp’ weather-wise. As I write this it’s sitting there next to me, looking all shiny and expediently taking all the data it needs from my Mac to bring it to life. So far so good, the screen really is ridiculously clear, much better than my original iPad (1) and it feels ever so curvy in comparison. I also went for white instead of black this time just in the name of aesthetic equality really, I’m an equal opportunities technology whore.

Later this year I am travelling around the world, literally. I’m flying one way around the world down under, and then coming back the other way so a lot of these new acquisitions will comprise my mobile office for when I’m out of action for nearly a month. As well as the iPad ‘The New’ I also ordered a lovely set of international plugs so I can stay charged, an iPad cover and various other gizmos and gadgets that are essential to my creative and social effectiveness.

Today was like Christmas morning for me. Perhaps I shall call it Christmas ‘The New’.

  • Faithful Harry

    Very happy for you! :-). I am hoping to have mine before I roll into Liverpool this summer!

  • Andrew C

    You’re an Apple dancer – a dancer for hardware – you do what they want you to do – an Apple dancer – a dancer for tackle – not any old hardware will do… Slag.

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