Judging a book by its covers

I’ve always admired the work of James Marsh, another artist/designer whose work came to prominence through its use in music related ephemera, most notably for material commissioned by the band Talk Talk. The incredible detail in his work was sadly diminished by the reduction from the 12″ square record format to CD and is now all but gone in the digital era. I’ve whined on about this in a previous blog post, so won’t repeat myself.

It was with great joy that I discovered his massive archive has been lovingly published in a sumptuous tome, endorsed by many artists and musicians who, like myself, know a good thing when they see it. I was lucky to snap up one of the limited edition versions in all its hard back, case bound, signed glory, and even get my name printed in it as a little bit of thanks for my financial contribution. This limited edition is now sold out but you can get the regular edition or check out pictures at THIS link. Creative Review magazine has also published a nice little piece all about it HERE.

I’m going to London next week for the book/tribute CD launch where a film is being shown all about the creative process and there will be live performances by a range of artists covering classic tracks by Talk Talk, and James Marsh himself will also be in attendance.

For more examples of design and illustration by James Marsh, have a look at his website at: www.jamesmarsh.com

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