Episode 11 – Calling America

Several podcasts were scheduled for Summer 2020 with some significant record sleeve designers, some I’ve previously written about and some may feature in future pop articles for Classic Pop magazine. Sadly, Coronavirus came along and changed everyone’s plans, including the publication of Classic Pop magazine which is on hold while most outlets that sell it are closed.  Never fear though, …

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Going viral

2020 hasn’t been quite the happy new year that we all wished each other just three months ago, has it? With floods verging on biblical, the realisation that Brexit is a sad reality and now a public health crisis to contend with, can things get any worse? Sadly I fear they can. Back in the eighties when I was designing …

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The tangled web we weave

It’s great being busy and thankfully I nearly always am. This is why it’s taken me so long to find time to get my own house in order. But I’ve now got around to assembling the new office furniture that’s been in the corner of my studio since last Autumn and more importantly I’ve updated my ancient website. Cue fanfare! …

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