What’s another year

Eurovision fans were made to wait two years due to COVID-19, but what a comeback 2021 proved to be.

As usual, my favourites faltered at the first fence or ended up crash diving into the darkest depths of the final scoreboard, but even these things couldn’t distract from the fun and excitement. This month has really felt like we’ve turned a corner in the pandemic, at least in my part of the world, but I’m acutely aware that this could all turn on its head within days. So, like many people, I’ve come to appreciate the small things in life that can sometimes bring the most joy. Eurovision is one of these things.

It is a night that provides unbridled fun, celebration, unity, dance, and of course – music, to nearly 200 million people worldwide. For me, design is also an important factor; from how the host country chooses to interpret the brief for their country – to the sleeves created for all the songs that will be released around the world. If these things interest you, you might like the Eurovision podcast I recorded with a couple of fellow fans, available at this link: www.softoctopus.co.uk/episode-16-eurovision-song-contest

For the initiated, Eurovision really is more than just one night, with semi-finals in the preceding week and national finals in the months before. There is a phenomenon known as P.E.D. that can afflict the devout – Post Eurovision Depression, and many of us are now coming to terms with things quietening down for the rest of the year. There’s an incredible history to Eurovision that in the UK is glibly overlooked. We just don’t seem to afford it the same respect as our continental friends and in many countries further afield. Could this possibly be one of the reasons why the UK once again did very badly in the competition this year? A vicious circle to behold.

To celebrate the show’s return this year I decided to create a 65 years of Eurovision poster, which is available now in my online shop. It shows every winner from 1956 to present day in a layout that was informed by the periodic table of elements and I’ve left space so it can be updated for future years.

If you want one, visit my new Octoshop and treat yourself to some good design and 65 years of winners. They’re just £20 each (+P&P) to UK addresses only (including recorded delivery). Find out more information in this rather nice short film I’ve put together using clips of glory days of yesteryear…

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