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Sometimes no words are right

It's always hard when people you know die. It's never easy, and even when their passing is remembered as a celebration of what's been achieved, it always cuts me up. There are never words to adequately encapsulate what's being felt. The hardest deaths are the ones that come from out of the blue, instantly and when you least expect....

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Then and now

In 1957 a new school was built on farm land in a rural part of Liverpool called Gateacre. In the late 1970s I went there for 5 years. It wasn't rural anymore and the only roaming animals were us - the pupils. It is said that school years are the best years of your life; even in hindsight with my rose tinted glasses on and my nostalgiometer turned up to full I can't say this is true....

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Keep calm and Kare on

As a geek and a graphic designer I have to be a fan of Susan Kare, It's written in the secret graphic designer's code of conduct handbook. She is the woman who designed the original icons for the Macintosh operating system (and some for Microsoft too, but we won't mention those). Anyway, designing an icon that works at such a tiny size in a very low resolution that also looks great when enlarged is no easy thing. ...

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Another little Jing thing.

This piece probably won't make it into my online portfolio because it's only small but it's cute. I have lovely clients in Brighton called the Jing Institute of advanced massage and training. Right now I'm working on some design bits for their new website with Mark Jones a...

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It’s in the bag

I was with clients in Brighton recently and noticed that a product of theirs was packaged up rather inelegantly. They expect me to poke around their office, making suggestions, so welcomed my sudden excitement at how this could be done so much better. Within days, the design was done and with the help of two creative chums;...

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Habitat is a retailer of household furnishings in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, and has franchised outlets in other countries. It was founded in 1964 by Terence Conran and has always been one of my favourite stores. Sadly, its days are numbered as it falls victim to the recession....

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