Episode 2 – Laurence Stevens

Finally, episode 2 is up and running. This was a joy and a massive pain to complete… A joy because Laurence Stevens was an absolute delight to talk to – a total pop fan and enthusiast who is still involved in design today. A pain because I ended up with a corrupted audio file which meant I had to do the interview twice, and a trip to London for the interview was a waste of his time. Very frustrating indeed.

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Episode 1 – Introduction

I’m back Back BACK! as Smash Hits would have once declared. It’s been a while since I podcasted, but the time is right and I’ve got something worth sharing. You may be aware that I write about design and music for a fine magazine entitled Classic Pop. Each issue I use up plenty of lovely colour pages waxing lyrical about the beautiful design work that once adorned record covers. I usually feature a specific designer and explore their archive of materials and I’ve interviewed some fascinating people. These podcasts will be a supplement to the magazine, allowing me to include additional content that due to word count limitations, often can’t make it into print.
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